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Welcome to Dayton's Open Data Day
March 4th, 2017!

Open Data Day 2017

Open Data Day is an annual, international celebration of open data. In 2017, we’re bringing that celebration to Dayton! We will use open data to build applications and visualizations that highlight the benefits of open data, as well as encourage the adoption of open data policies in local government, businesses, and civil society.

We want to make this event inclusive to non-developers. There has been a significant reinvigoration of civic activism over the past few months, but, as a brigade, we have been mostly silent. Help us to refine and define the role our brigade should play in the discourse.

Please RSVP for the event on

It’s a Slackathon !

We won’t be meeting at a single venue for this event. Instead, we’ll be coordinating via the #opendataday channel on the OpenDayton Slack team. To join, visit and click the Slack button.

Need a bit more social in your civic hacking? Impromptu or informal physical gatherings are encouraged, and easily coordinated on Slack.

Project Ideas

Ohio Election Data Visualizations Voter turnout is a serious problem in the United States. Why is that? Are certain Ohio counties or precincts above or below the national average? Do we have problems with voter-to-precinct ratios that make it more problematic for certain communities to vote? Do all Ohio voters have easy access to polling locations? Make a quick visualization or an in depth application exploring these issues. Code for Dayton Open Data Portal There has been talk over the years of setting up an Open Data Portal for Code For Dayton. Now is the time to do something about it. Could you investigate or standup a CKAN/DKAN/Other Open Data Portal that we could start utilizing brigade (or city)-wide? Open Data Policy Code For Dayton does not have an official Open Data Policy separate from the Code For America stance. Should we? As part of this, we could put together a response to House Bill 482 (analysis here). This could be fun data-activism task that focuses more on policy than code. (Your Great Idea Here) Is there an application or visualization based on open data that you wish existed? Want some help with it? Post your idea to our slack channel during the event and get some help turning it into a reality!

Open Data Sets

Need some Inspiration? Check out these datasets and think about how they can be utilized to build something awesome!

Elections and Politics



Miscellaneous Data Repositories



completed and in-progress projects (will be updated during the day of the event)